The Storm of The Century
The Storm of The Century

Listen, you have spent most of your life in the closet because you cared about what people thought about you. Walking away from a dream that you don’t actually care about is you winning, because it’s you saying, ”This is not who I am, and I don’t care who knows it.” 

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shout out to the innocent girls who secretly throw down in bed

Glee Cast - Valerie (Glee Cast Season 5 Version)
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Valerie (Glee Cast Version) [100th Episode Version]


guess who’s back
back again
hemo’s back
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Wish list



Future Brittana wish list

Hemo initiated Brittana kisses( her kisses are always the hottest)

Brittana cuddling in bed

Brittana having a Friday date night

Brittana dancing at a club together

Brittana and Mercedes as Roomates

Brittany pursuing a dancing career…so we can see Heathers dancing showcased

Santana pursuing a music career with Mercedes

Brittany and Santana parents visiting NYC

Also Naya and Heather doing a Fox Lounge together, and some BTS together



if you’re not bouncing up and down because hemo is back for 5x20 then leave because i don’t need that kind of negativity in my life 




Sabrina the Teenage Witch is an expert at counter-spells. 


I am legit crying right now

Oh my! People have been posting about this Big Sean and Naya break-up in a brazilian facebook group. Thought they were just rumours. I'm feeling bad I don't feel bad at all.


I feel bad that Naya is probably heartbroken. But, it’s not like we didn’t all see this coming. It doesn’t matter who he was, getting engaged after only 6 months of knowing someone is really not the wisest choice one could make. So I feel bad for our poor bb girl, and I hope she has plenty of emotional support (*cough* from HeMo *cough*) and makes a quick recovery and just stays single and does her for a while.